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Sweden Immigration Information Work Permit


You must have a work permit in order to work in Sweden. Once you have been granted a permit, it must be entered into your passport before your arrival.

Obtaining a Swedish work permit is no easy matter. Swedes, foreign citizens already living in Sweden and EU/EEA citizens have preference over others in obtaining work here. If there is a temporary shortage of labour, or if you have obtained employment as part of an international exchange programme, the Migration Board may grant you a work permit. If the offer of work is for more than three months you will also require a Swedish residence permit.

A specialist employed by an international concern and travelling to and from Sweden in that capacity in order to work for temporary periods does not require a work permit. This applies if total duration of stay in Sweden is less than 12 months.

EU/ EEA Citizens

An EU/EEA citizen who is an employee, self-employed person, student or who has sufficient funds to support himself/herself has a right to reside in Sweden. The term right to reside means that an EU/EEA citizen and his or her family members are permitted to be in Sweden for more than three months without a residence permit. A person who has a right of residence must register with the Migration Board no later than three months after entering the country.

If you are a citizen of Switzerland you must apply for a residence permit. Nordic citizens can spend time in and live in Sweden without having to register or have a work permit.

On entering Sweden citizens of EU/EEA countries and their family members must have a valid passport or an identity card stating their citizenship. Relatives who require a visa to enter Sweden must apply for a visa at a Swedish embassy or consulate before entering the country.

Documentation for EU/ EEA Citizens

To register you must fill in a form with a request for registration of your right of residence. You must enclose certified copies of a valid passport or identity card stating your citizenship. You must also enclose documents showing that you satisfy the conditions that apply for one of the following categories:

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