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Food & Dining in Sweden


Stockholm's restaurant world could be described as giant smorgasbord, offering something for every tastebud. Over the last twenty years the Stockholm smorgasbord has developed enormously, inspired by culinary art from the four corners of the earth as well as the Swedish cuisine. One explanation for today's multi-cultural restaurant life lies in the fact that Swedes, including Swedish chefs, travel greatly all over the world, bringing new ingredients and flavours as they come back to their own kitchen. In the old days it would have been sacrilege if one served herring in any other way than the traditional.

Today it is not uncommon that herring is flavoured with ginger or oregano; it is no longer a question of breaking the rules of the local cuisine, but about reinventing and blending. A couple of years ago every self-respecting neighbourhood had a pizzeria; now the pizzerias have been forced to move closer together to make space for more exotic spices offered by Indian and Thai cuisines. Restaurants have been and still are springing up like colourful mushrooms all over the city, which has left the ordinary man and woman in Stockholm more gastronomically knowledgeable.

Although the Stockholmer has become more educated in the culinary art, a hot dog with bostongurka and rostad lök still has a sacred place in most hearts. You might actually get one of your best culinary experiences in Stockholm at one of the hot-dog stands around town.

Norrmalm – City

The buffet and the view over the water at Grand Hotel will take your breath away, and some famous faces may be hidden behind the morning paper. If you would rather have people to complement your breakfast, grab a smoothie at the American-inspired Wayne's Coffee Or have a pleasant awakening with a cup of mint-chocolate coffee across the street at Dilas, the little Italian coffee shop, where a genuinely Italian atmosphere rules, even in the early morning hours.

A must for champagne drinkers and lobster guzzlers is Berns in Berzelli Park. Operakällaren is a classic in the Stockholm restaurant world, but if the prices are too high one can find equally fine food on the other side of the Kungliga Operan at Bakfickan. Another classic and immortal restaurant is Café Opera where simple home cooking is the main attraction.

The paradox of combining luxury with simple home cooking can be enjoyed at Sturehof the present hub of Stockholm's restaurant life, open practically round the clock. Prinsen is still the rendezvous place for many actors, poets and artists, and at KB the cultural elite mixed with internet elite, sampling crossover and traditional Swedish dishes. Crossover and other food trends that characterised the Swedish cuisine during the 90's began at Rolfs Kök. East regarded as the best soul bar in town, offers modern Asian food from Thailand, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

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