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Entertainment & Nightlife in Sweden


The late evening summer sun in Stockholm seems to stretch on forever, while the long winter nights need to be filled with fun. The result is a city committed to its nightlife. Strong jazz traditions and smart bars cater to older or smoother patrons, while the club scene (often Spanish in flavour) parties hard. The area around Stureplan is the most happening place in the city. Admission to clubs can cost anything between SKr5 and SKr100, while a liter of beer will cost in the region of SKr70-100 and 4cl of vodka around SKr70.

The minimum age for buying alcohol is 20 years – 18 years in restaurants or nightclubs. The sale of alcohol is restricted from 12 noon to 12 midnight (from 1pm on Sunday), although nightclubs or the occasional favoured bar, such as Kvarnen on Södermalm, sell drinks later into the night. Standard hours for bars and clubs are from about 9am-2am, with restaurant bars opening earlier and some clubs closing later (at around 5am). From 1st June, 2005 smoking is no longer permitted indoors at Stockholm’s restaurants, bars and pubs.

The official Stockholm tourism website,, is an excellent source for information on nightlife.


Halv Trappa Plus Gård, Lästmakargatan 3, is a ferociously trendy bar-restaurant and a great retreat for local celebrities. Another hot spot is Spy Bar, Birger Jarlsgatan 20, an intimate and stylish place. Gondolen, Stadsgården 6, serves drinks to match its unbeatable view. The Sturehof Bar, Stureplan 2, and its upstairs cousin, O-bar, are benchmarks in the style-conscious re-branding of the old Sturehof Restaurant. The Grand Hotel’s Cadier Bar, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8, is the place to enjoy a classy cocktail, while the Opera Bar, Karl X11’s Torg, offers quiet surroundings for a relaxing drink.

Conversely, Kvarnen, Tjärhovsgatan 4, is a beer hall with a typically rootsy Södermalm charm, open until 3am and hugely popular. Tennstopet Bar, Dalagatan 50, is over 100 years old and another solidly traditional drinking hole. The Absolut Ice Bar in the Nordic Sea Hotel, Vastaplan 7, while not unique in the world any more, is still a special place, with its year-round temperature of -5° C (23° F). Drinks are served in hollowed-out ice cubes from a bar also made of ice. Even the walls and tables are made of ice taken from the Torne River on the border between Sweden and Finland. It costs Skr140 to get in, and the price includes the ice glass and a drink.


Casino Cosmopol, Kungsgatan 65 ( opened in 2003, is the biggest casino in Sweden and the main casino in the capital. There are 31 casino tables, and Roulette, Black Jack, Caribbean Stud, Punto Banco, Sic Bo, Touch Bet Roulette and poker are played. There are also some 300 slot machines on the premises. Only those over 20 years of age are admitted, and guests must carry some form of official photo ID.

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